A Volcanic Eruption is Imminent in Iceland; Magma is Underneath a Town & at 800 m Depth

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A volcanic eruption appears imminent in Iceland as magma is now directly underneath a major town; Grindavik. Magma is currently at around 800 meters depth and may soon reach the surface and erupt. While an eruption is not guaranteed to begin within the town, it could occur anywhere along a 15-kilometer-long line of activity. While there is still a chance that a volcanic eruption won't occur, the entire town of Grindavik was evacuated. This video discusses what a hypothetical eruption might look like, and how the situation has changed in the last 16 hours.

Note: This video's thumbnail image shows what a volcanic eruption of the Reykjanes volcano might look like. It does not show the current state of the Reykjanes volcano, at least at the time this video was uploaded.

Note: There is still a chance that Reykjanes does not erupt. In my opinion, I believe the odds of an eruption occurring by November 24th, 2023 is 75%.

Iceland road closures:

Volcano alert levels:

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0:00 A Dangerous Situation
0:20 Reykjanes Volcano Dike Intrusion
1:39 Current Magma Depth
1:55 Submarine Eruption Possibility
3:02 Cracks Formed

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