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Leo Messi


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CR7 The goat

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⁣oday’s flight test featured a new stage separation method on Starship called hot-staging

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⁣Watch Starship’s second integrated flight tes

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⁣Starship liftoff in slow motion

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⁣Starship successfully lifted off under the power of all 33 Raptor engines on the Super Heavy Booster and made it through stage separation

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⁣Actor Hanks Anuku finally cries out for help in a new video. Guys, pls help him.

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MESSI insane dribbling vs Uruguay 😱🔥⚽️ #messi #argentina #uruguay #shorts #football

Messi vs URUGUAY
MESSI vs URUGUAY today Highlights
MESSI vs Araujo today
Araujo vs MESSI

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Argentina vs Uruguay
Argentina vs Uruguay 0-2
Argentina vs Uruguay Highlights
Argentina vs Uruguay Resumen

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A volcanic eruption appears imminent in Iceland as magma is now directly underneath a major town; Grindavik. Magma is currently at around 800 meters depth and may soon reach the surface and erupt. While an eruption is not guaranteed to begin within the town, it could occur anywhere along a 15-kilometer-long line of activity. While there is still a chance that a volcanic eruption won't occur, the entire town of Grindavik was evacuated. This video discusses what a hypothetical eruption might look like, and how the situation has changed in the last 16 hours.

Note: This video's thumbnail image shows what a volcanic eruption of the Reykjanes volcano might look like. It does not show the current state of the Reykjanes volcano, at least at the time this video was uploaded.

Note: There is still a chance that Reykjanes does not erupt. In my opinion, I believe the odds of an eruption occurring by November 24th, 2023 is 75%.

Iceland road closures:

Volcano alert levels:

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This video is protected under "fair use". If you see an image and/or video which is your own in this video, and/or think my discussion of a scientific paper (and/or discussion/mentioning of the data/information within a scientific paper) does not fall under the fair use doctrine, and wish for it to be censored or removed, contact me by email at and I will make the necessary changes.

Various licenses used in sections of this video (not the entire video, this video as a whole does not completely fall under one of these licenses) and/or in this video's thumbnail image:
Public Domain:
CC BY 4.0:

[1] / Iceland Met Office
[2] Halldórsson, S.A., Marshall, E.W., Caracciolo, A. et al. Rapid shifting of a deep magmatic source at Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland. Nature 609, 529–534 (2022)., CC BY 4.0. This derivative image is also licensed under CC BY 4.0.

0:00 A Dangerous Situation
0:20 Reykjanes Volcano Dike Intrusion
1:39 Current Magma Depth
1:55 Submarine Eruption Possibility
3:02 Cracks Formed

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Iceland volcano eruption looming | Iceland has ordered evacuations near an active volcano that could erupt.

Iceland volcano eruption looming threat --


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Images show large cracks and holes that have emerged in road and pavement surfaces in the southwestern Icelandic town of Grindavik as the threat of a volcanic eruption looms. The town, home to around 4,000 people, was evacuated on Saturday after magma shifting under the Earth's crust caused hundreds of earthquakes. The area is now only accessible under police escort.

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Grindavik, Iceland is facing a declared state of emergency after thousands of earthquakes struck. The earthquakes point to a potential likelihood of a volcanic eruption. Iceland President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson told the public, "We are still in the middle of this, but what we are grateful for is that there have been no casualties. There have been enormous damage to houses and structures." So far, the Icelandic Met Office has reported around 1,400 earthquakes in a 24 hour span.

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Recently released staggering drone footage has shown deep crevices, massive cracks, and widespread damage to a road in Iceland.

Steam can be seen rising from cracks in the road.

The footage shows the deep crevices caused by seismic activity.

Authorities say rivers of lava flow a mere 800 metres below the surface – threatening to erupt at any time.

All roads into the town of Grindavik remained closed as earthquakes from volcanic activity continued in the area.

As many as 900 quakes reportedly occurred in the last 24 hours, with similarly high numbers recorded on previous days.

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For the past two weeks, the Icelandic town of Grindavik has experienced hundreds of small earthquakes, causing road cracks and raising concerns of a potential volcanic eruption. A significant 4.8 magnitude quake recently forced the closure of the Blue Lagoon geothermal resort. Scientists, including geology professor Pall Einarrson, are monitoring a 10 km long, spreading magma corridor located about 5 km underground, with origins in a 2,000-year-old crater network north of the town. Grindavik's residents were briefly evacuated but have since been allowed to return, following a state of emergency declaration due to the escalating seismic activity.

Credits: Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration

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#Iceland #Grindavik #earthquakes

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Roads have begun to crack and buildings buckle under the pressure of underground magma as Iceland prepares for a possible volcanic eruption.

Around 900 earthquakes hit the south of the country on Monday 13 November, with tens of thousands of tremors reported in the region of Reykjanes in recent weeks.

In the coastal town of Grindavik, where thousands of people have been evacuated, road surfaces have cracked and crumbled away.

"All roads to Grindavik are closed and traffic on them is forbidden," the Road Administration of Iceland wrote on Facebook, sharing footage of the damage.

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Huge cracks could be seen on a road in the Icelandic town of Grindavik after it was hit by earthquakes.

Thousands of people have been evacuated, as officials fear the multiple tremors may indicate an imminent volcanic eruption.

Residents of Grindavik have been allowed back to their homes for a limited time to collect belongings, but the situation remains uncertain.

#iceland #volcano #earthquake #news18

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